How to Reach in Nepal

Nepal is well connected by commercial airline services to the rest of the world. How to reach Nepal does not pose a problem to travellers coming via India and South East Asia. How to reach Nepal is not a problem. How to leave is! - because the stunning natural scenery of Nepal acts as a magnet for nature lovers worldwide. The high mountains present a challenge for even the most experienced mountaineer.

All international flights land at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, the capital city which is well connected to the major cities of the world such as Delhi, Kolkata, Varanasi, Banglore, Mumbai, Dhaka, Paro, Karachi, Frankfurt, Paris, Munich, London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Doha, Moscow, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Osaka, Shanghai and Lhasa through regular air services. A majority of the international flights arrive via the Indian capital city of New Delhi. Flights also originate from Bangkok in Thailand.

Reaching Nepal may also be achieved by taking surface transport from a neighboring country like India. Nepal may be accessed by road by taking advantage of the many border posts along the Nepal border. Four of these border posts allow nationals of all countries to pass through. The four international border crossings are the Birganj-Raxaul Bazaar crossing, Mahendranagar-Banbassa border crossing, Sunauli-Bhairawa crossing and the Kakarbhitta-Siliguri crossing. The Kodari border crossing between Nepal and Tibet is restricted. There is no international train service to Nepal from India or China.

Many private as well as government carriers like Nepal airlines, Air India, Gulf Airways, Air Sahara, Autriair and Druk Air have regular flights to Nepal. The India-Nepal border has many entry and exit points for those wishing to travel by land. For getting around within Nepal, visitors can access domestic air services, buses, taxis, mountain bikes, taxis, and hired vehicles.

The Nepal Airlines connects all major cities in Nepal. Private operators like Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines also provide regular and chartered services. But the best option for those who wish to experience the sights and sounds of this Shangri-La is travelling by buses and cars. Luxury and non-luxury buses run from Katmandu to other tourist hot spots

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