Women Trekking Guide

Trekking is a daring activity and considered as a male dominated profession. The number of women trekkers and travelers are rather less compared to male. Similarly, women working as tourist guides and trekkers guide remains a minuscule marginal in the immense Himalayan trekking industry. Thus, after realizing the needs of female trekking guides, Nepal Adventure Trek has come up with a project of promoting and providing the female trekking guides to the trekkers both with a view of endorsing female trekkers and promoting females in tourist-guide profession.

The objective of promoting Female Trekking Guides is to help and encourage independent, self sufficient, decision-making women to trek and travel with us. "Female Trekking Guide and Porters for Lady Trekkers" is our new mark for women trekkers in the Himalayas. We, Nepal Adventure Trek promote female trekking guides because we believe females should get the same opportunity as males. There is no doubt that the number of females trekking guides in Nepal is relatively less than male. You will be indirectly promoting as a whole female development by using our female trekking guides. You really need not doubt on the quality and qualifications of our female trekking guides. They have the same strengths and qualification as males and rather they tend to be safer than males guides. Male guides for males can be adequate but sometimes for female tourists male guides can be a problem. Female tourists can share their every feeling, situation, circumstances to the female trekking guides rather than with the male trekking guides. Moreover, we Nepal Adventure Trek assure you that your trekking with female trekking guides would be more interesting and safer as compared to male. We accept as true that females can better understand a female’s situation and circumstances compared to male.

Once, we would like to remind you that our company, Nepal Adventure Trek is also operated by female entrepreneur. Thus, having acquaintance with women trekkers’ problems with males guides, we have operated this special project for female trekkers to make your trek more interesting and exciting making you free from potential problems that you may get while trekking with male guides. Yet being with female trekking guides, you will get the same opportunities to explore nature, culture, and overwhelmingly please your heart and fulfill every thing what you wish from your trek, i.e., full satisfaction despite potential personal problems you might come through during trek because you can share your every state of affairs with your honest and cooperative women trekking guides. Come, try joining our female trekking guides, and we are sure you will really enjoy their company.

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