Equipments Check List

In the following gives you a general idea of the personal items to be brought by you to trek or climb in Nepal. The personal items are of individual interest, and choice. The most important fact he/she must bring clothing for againts the cold weather.
During your trek, heavy items are carried by porters or Yaks and personal belongings of the trekkers that they may need for the day like money, water bottle, rain gear, camera, sun cream and toilet paper etc, should be carried by you. So you are briefed to pack items in two different bags.
Recommended Trekking Kit
The following is a list of clothing and accessories that we recommend that you take with you. This is not intended to be a comprehensive clothing and equipment list, rather it is intended to act as a reminder of those items that we feel are essential for your comfort and convenience. However we recognize that you may have your own personal preferences for clothing which may be equally as suitable.             
1. Sun hat or scarf
2. Light balaclava or warm fleece hat
3. Sunglasses with UV protection

Upper Body:
1. T-shirts (2)
2. Light and expedition weight thermal tops
3. Fleece jacket or pullover
4. Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket (optional)
5. Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell jacket
6. Down vest and/or jacket (optional)
1. Lightweight gloves
2. Heavyweight gloves or mittens with a waterproof shell outer
Lower Body:      
1. Underwear (4)
2. Hiking shorts (2)
3. Lightweight cotton long pants
4. Light and expedition weight thermal bottoms
5. Fleece or wool pants
6. Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell pants
1. Thin, lightweight inner socks (4)
2. Thick, warm wool hiking socks (4)
3. Hiking boots with spare laces
4. Camp shoes (sneakers and/or sandals)
5. Gaiters
1. Sleeping bag rated to zero degrees F
2. Headlamp (e.g. Petzl Zoom) with spare bulbs and batteries
3. Small pad or combination lock-to-lock trek bag
4. Basic First Aid Kit (see Health and Medicinal)
5. Large plastic bags - for keeping items dry inside trek bag
6. Daypack (approximately 2500 to 3000 cubic inches)
7. Thermarest sleeping pad
8. Water bottles (2)
9. Toiletries
10. Small wash towel                   
Optional items
1. Binoculars
2. Books (Highly Recommended )
3. Compass
4. Playing cards / backgammon / chess set
5. Swiss Knife.
Recommended Mountaineering Kit
In addition to the items mentioned above for trekking, the following is a list of the additional specialist items which are required for the trekking peaks.

1. Plastic or leather mountaineering boots, with gaiters & crampons that have been tested for a good fit
2. Fleece trousers or silhouette
3. Additional mits and gloves suitable for climbing
4. Ice axe, and ski poles (note - ice axe can be hired in Kathmandu)
5. Climbing harness
6. 2 x tape slings
7. 2 x screwgate karabiners
8. Descender/abseil device
9. Ascender


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